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Direct Nutrition was born in 2009 from the need and illusion of creating natural supplements that can balance the body in a natural and safe way.


We are inspired by natural processes of the body and proven works of current and past scientists and doctors such as Dr. Alfred Pischinger.

We travel the world in search of new extracts for our complex formulas.

Our supplements only contain extracts of the highest quality and standardization (potency)  GMP quality, registered in AECOSAN and Europe, they also have ISO 22,000 certification.


Our philosophy is based on helping people improve their quality of life through high-quality nutritional supplements.

We use 100% natural certified and standardized ingredients.

Our formulas are very creative and are based on concepts of integrative medicine inspired  in Hippocrates, Galen,

Dr Pischinger ….  and current concepts such as the importance of gut health and the role of inflammation in the body.

We use the latest manufacturing and packaging technology. 


Balance of systems

At Direct Nutrition we know that treating a system globally is possible with a single product. We designed the Dina range precisely for this purpose. 

1 product for each phase or system.

Working on three levels:

First level : safely and naturally detoxifying the organism based on plants and sea water to prepare it for balance.

Second level : nourishing the system based on vitamins, plants, minerals….

Third level : providing antioxidants such as polyphenols and natural anti-inflammatories such as boswellia, black currant...

100% natural

The  best way for an active ingredient to have the maximum effect,  is the quality,  so that the supplement is the most similar to what nature offers us.

Maximum effectiveness

For a natural supplement to work, it is necessary  apart from the appropriate synergy, a high standardization of the different active ingredients.

At Dn we use dry extracts of high power  and a high content of active ingredients.

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