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Direct Nutrition was born in el  2009 from the need and illusion of creating natural supplements that can balance the body naturally and safely.


We are inspired by natural processes of the body and proven works of current and past scientists and doctors such as Dr. Alfred Pischinger.


We travel the world in search of new extracts for our

complex formulas.


Our supplements only contain extracts of the highest quality and standardization

(power) GMP quality, registered in AECOSAN and Europe, they also have ISO 22,000 certification.

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our principles


Quality of the active ingredients

Direct Nutrition only selects the best active ingredients and dry extracts, more effective than just plant powder. 


proper synergy

Our extensive  experience in consultation and knowledge in integrative medicine lead us to design formulas with a

maximum effectiveness.


Quick response

Direct Nutrition uses different vehicles, such as marine plasma and amino acids to  improve the absorption of active ingredients.


High standardization

The Direct Nutrition phyto-complexes are created based on a maximum standardization of the phyto-actives of the plants


certified security

We are registered  in Aecosan

(Spanish Agency for Consumer Affairs, Food Safety and Nutrition), in Europe and we have the quality certifications  ISO 22000 and GMP.


Innovation and development

Constant search for natural active ingredients and a long development process make each DN supplement unique.

and unique.

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